Second UK Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Systems Research Symposium

1st-2nd July 2019, Dept of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK



Mobile, wearable and ubiquitous systems have a pivotal role in today’s society and daily life. Research and innovation in these domains has the potential to unlock important new applications and open the door to a better understanding of their use.

Building on the success of the first symposium in Cambridge last year, the venue this year supports discussion and presentation of research within the UK for the mobile, wearable and ubiquitous systems community.

We solicit submission of 1 page presentation abstracts. The work described can range from mature published recent ideas to more preliminary contributions on the following general topics:

  • Mobile, Wearable, Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems
  • Applications and implications of Mobile, Wearable, Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems
  • Emerging Mobile Technologies: Augmented Reality, Self-driving Cars, etc.
  • Privacy and Security of Mobile, Wearable, Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems
  • Resource-efficient machine learning for embedded and mobile platforms
  • Experiences and evaluation of Mobile, Wearable, Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems
  • Mobile and Spatial Analytics and Pervasive Data Science
  • Innovations in learning algorithms and models for sensor perception and understanding
  • Mobile and Wireless Networking
  • Edge computing and its implications for mobile systems
  • Holistic design of mobile systems for performance and energy optimisation
  • Mobile systems in the Internet of Things ecosystem
  • Mobile systems and applications for the developing world

Submissions of one page presentation abstracts will not be peer reviewed and will be selected for oral presentation on a first come, first-served basis (giving preference to early career researchers in case of over-submission) and based on scope as indicated above. All presented submissions will be published on the programme website.


  • Alastair Beresford (University of Cambridge)
  • Sarah Clinch (University of Manchester)
  • Nigel Davies (University of Lancaster)
  • Christos Efstratiou (University of Kent)
  • Katayoun Farrahi (University of Southampton)
  • Nic Lane (University of Oxford)
  • Mahesh Marina (University of Edinburgh)
  • Cecilia Mascolo (University of Cambridge)
  • Mirco Musolesi (University College London)


Abstract Submission: Via Easy Chair on or before 1st April 2019
Notification of Presentation Slot: 1st May 2019
Registration: Details to come
Accommodation: Organise yourself (e.g. with University Rooms)
Symposium Dates: 1st-2nd July 2019


We are currently seeking sponsors for MobiUK 2019.

Department of Computer Science, Oxford

The Symposium will be hosted and supported by the The Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford and based in the Wolfson Building.


Attendees should book their own accommodation in a local hotel, bed & breakfast or at one of the Oxford Colleges.

Symposium Dinner

There will be a dinner in the Hall of Balliol College, Oxford on the evening of 1st July 2019.

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